Server-Rules (Englisch)

version 4.0

If you reach 40 points it will result in a permanent ban. If a player breaks one of these rules for the first time, he will receive the simple penalty in the form of penalty points and temporal Server exclusion. If a player, however, repeatedly violated the same rules it will double the previously imposed punishment! For example (first offense: two points, three hour ban / second offense: four points, six hour ban and so forth). If a player gets no penalty points within one week (two points will be credited) or if a player will help new players to gain a foothold on our server (the requirement is to inform the Admin) four points will be credited.


1.)Respect the Admins decisions. 41h
2.)Players are not allowed to pose as someone else (player or administrator) 1012h
3.)You are allowed to play with three different Steam IDs(accounts). In case of contravention the account which exceeded the limit will get banned. If you are a member of a clan you have to carry the clantag in front of your name also on your second or third account. Please be advised that each account has to be named DIFFERENTLY than your other ones. XX
4.)Whoever accused a player or admin of any offense, must provide appropriate evidence (screenshot or video). All violations must be reported exclusively on TS and not in the side chat. 66h
5.)You are not allowed to pass on any personal information of any other player in the side chat (coordinates of bases or codes of gates/vehicles and so forth). 31h
6.)If you connect to our TS server (IP: you have to use the same name as your in game character name. 1X
7.)We reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any given time a required or deemed necessary. So check back regularly for our server rules. XX
8.)Only German and English are allowed in Side Chat! Discussions are not welcome in side or global chat! Using voice in side chat is prohibited. If you use voice in side chat you will be punished. 530min
9.)No insults, No racism, No sexism. 53h
10.)No duping, No "kamikaze", No hacking. 40Ban
11.)No glitching, No exploits, No using of game bugs, ((No Squad XML) if it is not removed after admonition). 86h
12.)Running or escaping into water during a firefight counts as a bulletproof exploit. Using such exploits will lead to punishment. 66h
13.)No speed or combat logging. Someone who has not shot at or has not been under fire within the last five minutes by any player or NPC are no longer in the combat and may log out. 612h
14.)You are only allowed to combat log if you are inside your own or clan mate's house/fortress/garage. XX
15.)We will not tolerate any player name changes on our server. You must use the same name which is connected to your first house. 22min
16.)Groups of three or more players, must set/have a clan tag in game in front of their player names. for example [...] Playername (first offense results in a warning, the second offense results in a punishment) 22min


26.)In general base camping is not prohibited but please be so kind and do not stay there for more than one and a half hour per restart. Camping a base steadily is forbidden and will be penalised with a timeout. 524h
27.)After a regular restart (0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20) player bases count as a safezone for the first 30 minutes. The end of a players base is limited by their fences. If a base does not have fences, a distance of 100 meters should be expected (houses, garages or strongholds). If those players who own the base start to shoot at someone outside the base the immunity is automatically cancelled. 54h
28.)The contents of a new player's (Bambi's) level 1 houses is prohibited to be touched. A Bambi base consists of one level 1 or two level 1 houses. After the third locked building (LVL1, LVL2-house, garage) this is no longer considered as a Bambi base. 1024h
29.)The minimum distance between bases is 400m. However, the distance can be negotiated between the individual parties. XX
30.)Whoever succeeds to enter a house is allowed to claim the loot, but senseless dumping or destruction of house content is strictly prohibited. 624h
31.)If a player builds his Level 2 house in another area away from his level 1 house, the level 1 house is also allowed to be camped. XX
32.)Disconnecting / logging out in foreign bases/houses/fortresses/garages is strictly prohibited. 512h
33.)Bases in spawn areas must be built in a way for people who spawn inside the base to be able to leave that base safely. XX
34.)Any player made structure will be remove if not used for a minimum of 4 weeks. (Garages/Tents/Houses/Storage Boxes/Fortresses etc.) XX
35.)A clan or a single player is allowed to have a maximum of five monuments whilst there is also a limitation concerning the type of the statues(two of the same type). In case of contravention the admins will get active and remove the last built statue(s) from the base. XX


40.)The destruction of excavators is allowed. XX
41.)In general we differntiate between ground and air vehicles. It is not allowed to shoot at locked air vehicles, neither is it allowed to destroy them (expect there is a ongoing PVP fight where a player seeks for shelter behind such a vehicle). In case of a helicopter landing whilst the fight is still in progress you are allowed to shoot at him for five more minutes. On the other hand it is still allowed to destroy any kind of ground vehicles such as boats, cars, bicycles or motorbikes. Also be advised that you are not allowed to destroy vehicles inside of a fully finished and locked garage. Expect if the roof is missing or the doors are just left ajar it is allowed to destroy the vehicle. 1024h
42.)As helicopters are lockable the limit of locked ones per base is set to a SINGLE one. Even if two or more players have got more bases together they count as a single one. To own helicopters which are of the same type is also forbidden. In case of contravention the admins will get active and remove helicopter plus gear(which may be inside of the helicopter) from the base. XX
43.)In general the usage of world war I planes are allowed. But it is not allowed to attack enemy bases with them. That means you are not allowed to drop bombs inside a base neither is it not allowed to use the cannon to hit the base. If you use the plane for spotting purposes you have to leave the scene after about 30 minutes. 42h
44.)If four or more people own a base, a maximum of 10 vehicles are allowed. A base consisting of two or three players is allowed to have a maximum of six vehicles. For a single player the maximum number of vehicles is set to a total of three vehicles. In case of contravention the admins will get active and remove verhicle plus gear(which may be inside of the vehicle) from the base. XX
45.)You may not place fortifications around vehicle or mission spawns. Those have to be accessible. (any structures that break this rule will be removed by an admin) 4X
46.)a. Excavators, MG SUV's & all Land Rover M2 are reset every Friday at 20:00! The administrators reserve the right to change the spawn points of any vehicle. (for example: one of the three excavator on each island)

b. Every second Friday at 8:15 PM there will be a complete reset of all vehicles returning them to their original spawn. (land / water / aircrafts)
47.)Only admins are allowed to use the EILSC Tool for the release of inactive vehicles. However, the use of the EILSC tool is permitted only within your own base. 1024h
48.) Maximum parking time on marked "H" landing platforms for only 8 hours (2 regular restarts) is allowed. Aircrafts standing at the Trader on an "H" marked landing pad, may only be touched by their owner and parked there for 8 hours (2 restarts). Since the KA60s are not able to land on the landing spot marked with a "H", they are allowed to be parked on the ground. Wrongly parked vehicles will be removed plus gear which may be inside of them. XX
49.)The Trader Island is a Safe zone and no one is allowed to touch or steal vehicle! 812

Admins do not engage in active PvP, but Admins will defend their base (whether they are logged in officially or incognito).

What a Admin could do in the Admin Console:
- Player teleport (only short random distances of about 50m radius)
- Kill Players with subsequent message "Player XY Killed by Admin XY"
- Player Spectating/Monitoring (Admin cam)

What a Admin could not do in the Admin Console:
- Teleport players specifically from A to B
- spawn gear


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